Brunch Time!

@Denotes a community-shared recipe

Everybody must get sconed $6
off the charts daily house-baked sweet scone, ask your server, and don’t wait till next weekend!

Molten cinnamon churros y chocolate  $8
dulce de leche, condensed milk, organic cacao hazelnut dunk, Smith & Truslow cinnamon

Granola yogurt Parfait  $7
Fruition Farms Sheepsmilk Yogurt, Housemade granola, seasonal preserves

Blue Corn Pancakes  $13 (side pancake, $4)
heirloom blue corn buttermilk cakes, seasonal local jam, vanilla bean mascarpone whip

@zimmer challah banana cream pie French toast  $13
sweet plantains, turmeric “Bavarian” cream, salted caramel, wild berry sauce

Croissant B.e.L.t. (GF Avail) $13
Tenderbelly uncured bacon, Buckner Ranch over-easy egg, heirloom tomato, chive cream, organic greens, Calabrian pepper aioli, breakfast potatoes

@Ayal & Jen’s NY Pastrami Benedict (GF AVAIL) $14
poached organic local egg, real New York pastrami, multigrain English muffin, Dijon hollandaise

Seasonal veggie Benedict (GF AVAIL) $13
poached organic local egg, organic roasted seasonal veggies, multigrain English muffin, Dijon hollandaise 

@Zs organic farmers Market salad (GF Avail)  $13
seasonal citrus, White Mountain quinoa, Cure Farms chiogga beets, seasonal Western Slope fruit, Haystack chevre, chickpea croutons, honey poppyseed vinaigrette

Gold miners breakfast (GF avail) $12
scrambled Wisdom Farm duck eggs, breakfast potatoes, Grateful Bread 16 grain toast,
Tender Belly uncured bacon, local organic seasonal jam

@mannys breakfast burrito  $13
Raquelitas flour tortilla, Polidori chorizo, sour cream, green chili cheddar queso, Buckner Ranch sunny side egg VEGETARIAN AVAILABLE

The Bacon Bison Brunch Burger  (GF Avail) $14
Rock River Ranch bison, potato sesame bun, Tender Belly bacon,
organic tomato, black garlic aioli.

The kids $6
Choose from a mini granola yogurt parfait, Cap’n Crunch and milk, or a PB & J

the sides

Tender Belly Uncured Bacon (2) $3, Organic Local Egg $2, Wisdom Farm Organic Duck Egg $2.5, Organic Milk (Cow, Almond) $3, Organic Mixed Greens $4, Grateful Toast $2, Breakfast Potatoes $4, Organic Mixed Fruit $4, Side Pancake $4, Pheasant Sausage $5

All menu items and prices are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.






A Sampling of Our Community-Sourced Recipes

**Baked Challah French Toast – Shared by the Pat Miller Pat Miller, also known as the Gabby Gourmet, is a popular radio host, book author, and Jewish mother to the restaurant industry. The recipe for this challah came from Sara Zimmer, an elderly woman who lived near Gabby’s son Johnny on Waldren Street in Pittsburgh. Sara moved to PA after WWII, from eastern Europe, where she—and this challah recipe—survived two German concentration camps. Sara would make the challah for Johnny and his friends, and it was a favorite of theirs. Gabby heard about the challah so much that she asked Johnny to get her the recipe. Sara has since passed away, but the memory of her tenacity and generosity live on in this recipe. At River and Woods, this delicious memorial is the object of Friday night bread service and the sweet center of our weekend French toast.

**Z’s Market Panzanella Salad – Shared by Linda Pounds This salad is a favorite of one of Linda daughters, Lindsey (affectionately called “Z”), who is teased unmercifully by her parents for the gigantic salads she creates at salad bars. Z’s love of salads started in middle school, when she frequently asked for a mix similar to this one. Chef Daniel has put his own spin on the recipe, incorporating seasonal fruit and local gluten-free grains. Linda, who shared this dazzler, is an avid gardener, and she and her husband are active supporters of many local and national charities, including SPAN, Imagine! and Room to Read.

**Barbato Tomato Gazpacho – Shared by Lisa Barbato Lisa Barbato is a popular Spanish teacher at Boulder High School who recently spent time in Spain. While there, she stayed with a local family to help sharpen her already impeccable Spanish-language skills. During her journey, she obtained this unique gazpacho recipe, and generously shared it with River and Woods. The flavors of this delicious and refreshing soup also make for an amazing base to a weekend morning’s Bloody Mary recipe!

**Breakfast of Champions – Shared by Max Kabjian Max is a wise-beyond-his-years 10-year-old whose father introduced him to the Cap’n as an old childhood friend. Max likes to pair his Crunch with banana, but the River and Woods culinary crew put a Caribbean spin on this PB & banana combo, trading out caramelized plantains. And of course, no well-balanced breakfast is complete without some oatmeal. We just put it in cookie form.