the Rivers

“@” Denotes a community-inspired recipe

 @Oysters Hickenlooper* $18
Wynkoop chili beer-kale queso, Rappahannock River oysters, Haystack chevre, roasted green chile, cracker dust

Buena Vista Pan Fried Trout ‘n Chips* (GF Avail) $18
Cornmeal, charred leek tartar sauce, herb sea salt fries

Bristol Bay Wild Salmon* (GF Avail) $20 
Dram lemon infusion, organic beluga lentils, Ozuke pickled beets

the Woodlands

Montreal Duck Wings $14
Maple Leaf duck, dry garlic sauce, Point Reyes blue cheese dressing, organic celery

Heirloom Blue Corndog (GF Avail) $13
Continental elk cheddar bratwurst, Grateful Grits heirloom blue cornmeal, wildflower honey mustard, sea salt fries

@Sandy’s Matzo Ball Ramen $13
Chicken bone broth, red miso, Sandy’s duckfat matzo ball, Wisdom Farm duck egg

the High Plains

Rock River Ranch Bison Burger* (GF Avail) $14
(sunflower seed veggie burger available)
Texas toast, crescenza cheese, heirloom tomato, black garlic aioli

Lamb & Oat Meatloaf (GF Avail) $16 
Triple m bar ranch lamb, grassfed beef, Elevation ketchup, pumpkin seed pesto, crispy sweet potato bites

@John’s Gnocchi Verde $15 
Baby spinach, reggiano cream, lemon zest

the Coasts

Chicken Fried Calamari Steak* $15
Buttermilk brined wild caught Humboldt squid , lemon pepper aioli, Ozuke collard green kimchi

@Seared Hokkaido Scallops* (GF Avail) $22
Roasted White Buffalo Italian plums, La Quercia prosciutto butter, Clair’s Thai spiced quinoa fritter, Oxford Gardens organic greens, 3 yr aged organic balsamic

the Farms and Fields

“In the Moment” Caprese Salad (GF Avail) $14
Fresh Liuzzi mozzarella curd, local radishes, California heirloom tomato, capay valley arbequina olive oil,
brushed balsamic

@Z’s Market Panzanella Salad (GF Avail) $14
Ella Farm Harrow pears, White Mountain quinoa, chiogga beets, Grateful ciabatta, gold mine blue cheese, poppyseed vinaigrette

Grilled Caesar Salad* (GF Avail) $13
Petite romaine, Grateful ciabatta, hempseeds, Kalamata olives.
Add Wild Bristol Bay Salmon, $9

@Aunt Penny’s Mac & Cheese $14
Orecchiette pasta, Cougar Gold cheddar, Hazel Dell mushrooms, roasted heirloom squash, Oxford Garden greens, Pueblo green chili, onion-potato crunch

Seasonal Deviled Eggs  (GF Avail) $9
Basil oil pearls, sweet potato, pomegranate, microgreens

the sides

@Deb’s Bourbon Bacon Beans(GF) $5

@Creamed Kale (GF) $5

Seasonal Deviled Egg (GF) $2

Herb Sea Salt Fries $4

Crispy Sweet Potatoes (GF) $5

@Aunt Penny’s Mac & Cheese $5

Daily Veg (GF) $4

Family-style dinners

Nightly family-style dinners coming soon!

The fine print *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. We do our best to accommodate all of our guests, but this is NOT an allergy-free zone. Please consult your server or the manager with any allergy or other concerns.

A Sampling of Our Community-Sourced Recipes

@John’s Gnocchi Verde – Shared by the Bizzarro Family This to-die-for dish was staple of John’s Restaurant for over 30 years, and the Bizzarro family—including Chef John, his wife Nancy, and daughters Nicole and Stella—was kind enough to share their secret recipe with us, and allow us to let the fond memories of John’s live on in the rich and delightful flavors.

@Z’s Market Panzanella Salad – Shared by Linda Pounds This salad is a favorite of one of Linda daughters, Lindsey (affectionately called “Z”), who is teased unmercifully by her parents for the gigantic salads she creates at salad bars. Z’s love of salads started in middle school, when she frequently asked for a mix similar to this one. Chef Daniel has put his own spin on the recipe, incorporating seasonal fruit and local gluten-free grains. Linda, who shared this dazzler, is an avid gardener, and she and her husband are active supporters of many local and national charities, including SPAN, Imagine! and Room to Read.

@Sandy’s Matzah Balls – Submitted by the Castlebaum-Rona Family This matzah ball recipe is such a secret that Susan Rona’s grandmother passed away before having a chance to even share it with her own family. These matzah balls were a family favorite and such a part of the Castlebaum tradition and history that Susan’s mother Sandy, a culinarian in her own right, reverse-engineered the recipe from frozen balls as a memorial to her own mother. She and the rest of the Castlebaums spent months perfecting it, then shared the final recipe within their family. By way of New Jersey with lots of love, we’re thrilled to have the inside scoop on this one…and sorry, but we’re sworn to secrecy! Look for Sandy’s Matzah Balls as the centerpiece to our duck ramen!

@Aunt Penny’s Mac & Cheese – Shared by Laura Bloom Aunt Penny’s Mac n’ Cheese made it onto our menu by way of childhood friends who summered in Maine and eventually met up again in Colorado! There are so many fun facts about this recipe, like how the original family recipe called for white Canadian cheddar cheese cut from Roger’s Market. (If you could cut exactly one pound of this cheese, the cheese was free!) Over time, and due to distance, a mail-order, exclusive cheese-in-a-can called Cougar Gold took its place. Laura Bloom had the genius idea to modify the recipe using this sharp-aged, cheddar cheese, which has been canned by Washington State University’s Dairy Department since the 1940’s. Cougar Gold is a cult favorite and we are excited to introduce it to the Boulder food scene.

@Oysters Hickenlooper – Shared by Governor John Hickenlooper Before he was running our state and speaking at the DNC convention, John Hickenlooper was the pioneer of craft brewing and one of the foremost restaurateurs in Denver. Hick was famous for his restaurant’s (Rocky Mountain) oysters. We use the Gov’ners famous Wynkoop Brewery chili beer in this fun spin on Oysters Rockefeller.

@The Miller Royale Cheesecake – Shared by Kristina Miller Olsen Well before Tarantino’s reference of the Royale With Cheese, there was Kristina’s father’s famous Royale Cheesecake. He favored the strong descriptives as he tended to cook larger-than-life “experiences”: cheesecake, sauerbraten, calamari salad heavy on garlic, were just some of his favorites. So was fried salami after a night out with Kristina’s mother and friends (read: partying). He’d cook for her late at night, with a bit of a buzz, and to see his smile—his enthusiasm for the moment—is a memory that has stayed with Kristina. Her parents sadly passed away many years ago in a plane crash, and the first time Kristina attempted to make this cheesecake on her own was for her twins’ baptism, which was on November 28, 2015, the same date as her parents’ shared birthday.

@Conscious Cleanse Spiced Almond Date Milk – Shared by Jo Schaalman & Jules Pelaez Jo and Jules are Boulderites who’ve made a name for themselves as the founders of the Conscious Cleanse, a transformative 2-week guided nutritional program. While there’s not too much on the River and Woods menu that falls squarely into their cleanse program (though it’s do-able!), Jo and Jules are big proponents of the “everything in moderation, including moderation” philosophy. We thought it would be fun to pair this delicious home-made almond milk recipe with a decidedly un-cleansy cookie dish—food for the soul.